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Batteries cause bin wagon fire in Pendle!

Published: Wednesday, 6th January 2021

Photo of bin wagon fire caused by batteries

Bin wagon fire is caused by batteries.

Fire engines had to be called to put out a bin wagon fire in Pendle on New Year’s Eve, Thursday 31 December.

The incident happened in the village of Higham and appears to have been caused by someone putting batteries into their brown recycling bin.

The fire will cost around £600 due to damage to the bin wagon.   
This doesn’t include the cost of having to put recycling material into landfill at £130 per tonne and or the cost to the fire brigade and police who came out to deal with the incident.

The bin wagon fire also put the collection rounds back by several hours. 

Councillor Mohammed Iqbal MBE, Leader of Pendle Council, said:

“This underlines the importance of recycling it right!
“The fire caused chaos as the burning recycling load had to be ejected onto the road and it took two fire engines some time to damp it all down.

“It was a heck of a mess!”

“Not only does throwing batteries into bins put our crews at risk, but it also means that a wagon load of recycling has been wasted.
Carole Taylor, Pendle Council’s Waste and Recycling Coordinator said:

“Our website lists what you can and cannot recycle.

“It makes it clear that you cannot put batteries in your brown recycling bin.
 “As the incident on New Year’s Eve shows, they can cause dangerous fires – in the bin, in a bin wagon or at the recycling plant.
“All major supermarkets and DIY stores have to accept batteries for recycling, so please keep everyone safe and take them there instead,” she stated.

Carole added:  “Just because something says it’s recyclable doesn’t mean it can go into your recycling bin as part of our collection system.

“We get a lot of plastic bags in recycling bins – please don’t put them in!  

“Please re-use them if you can and some supermarkets will take them for plastic recycling, or put them in your grey bin if they are not re-usable,” she said.
Environmental Services Manager, David Walker added:

“Our crews have been working in some very challenging conditions this festive season, including trying to get our bin wagons up and down icy and snowy streets.

“With more people at home, many streets have been blocked by parked cars so that our wagons can’t get through.

“Please help by keeping access clear on your bin collection day, or if it’s not your vehicle, see if it’s possible to move your bin to an accessible place where our crews will spot it and empty it.

David added:  “There are a number of streets and areas where we’ve not been able to empty the bins .
“If we’ve missed your bin, please be patient and we will return and as soon as we can so keep your bin out.

“We have an extra team helping and an additional bin wagon to help complete all the rounds.
“But If it’s your recycling week and your brown bin is half full or less, please wait until the next collection if you can, to help us catch up,” he added.
Councillor Iqbal added:

“I’d like to say a big thank you to all our bin crews, they have been working in difficult conditions.
“And our collection teams have been out working on days like Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve and the Bank Holiday Monday when the rest of us have been enjoying a break.”