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Pendle Community Safety Partnership joins road safety charity in shouting out there is no need to speed!

Published: Wednesday, 18th November 2020

no need for speed

no need for speed

Pendle Community Safety Partnership is supporting this year’s Road Safety Week (16 – 22 November).

Co-ordinated by road safety charity Brake, this year’s campaign urges drivers to reduce their speed to save lives. 

Councillor David Whipp, Chairman of Pendle Community Safety Partnership, said: “Speed is important because it plays a part in deaths and injuries on our roads.  

“The formula is simple. The higher the speed the harder the crash and the greater the risk of death and injury.  

“This year’s Road Safety Week theme, no need to speed, is a reminder to everyone of how the speed they travel affects other people.” 

Josh Harris, director of campaigns at Brake, said: “In a crash, just 1mph can mean the difference between life and death, but sadly we know that many people still regularly break the speed limit or travel too fast for the conditions of the road.  

“With someone injured on a UK road every four minutes, and vehicle speed playing a part in every crash, it’s never been more important that we all shout out that there is no need to speed.” 

In Pendle during 2018 there were 278 road traffic collisions of which 43 were seriously injured or killed.  Of these, nine cases involved children aged 0-15.

Councillor Whipp added: “Each of these tragedies has a devastating effect on families and local communities so it’s important we drive at sensible speeds.

“One way to slow down is for drivers to use their gearstick to drive at appropriate speeds. 

“For example, keeping a car in third gear in a 30mph zone is very effective in keeping the vehicle's speed within the safe and legal limit. 

“Similarly, second gear in 20mph areas will keep speeds down to twenty. Again, fourth gear for forty mph zones. 

“The technique is a lifesaver. It also cuts wear and tear on engines. You don't need to watch the speedo, the sound of the engine is enough to regulate speeds. 

“It's a simple thing that most people can do with their driving to reduce the risk of crashes and injuries.”