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Help bin crew heroes stay safe!

Published: Tuesday, 14th April 2020

Debbie Green who works on Pendle Council's frontline collection team

Debbie Green, working on the frontline for Pendle on our collection team.

“People have been hailing our bin crews as the new knights of the road as they carry on during the crisis,” said Councillor Mohammed Iqbal, Leader of Pendle Council.

“They are out on their rounds working hard to make sure local people still get regular bin collections. 

“This is a top priority for us and I can’t praise them enough!

“They have a difficult job at the best of times and it’s been a tough year already, working through ice, rain, high winds and floodwater – and now the coronavirus crisis.

“As most people are at home during lockdown we’re finding it hard for our bin wagons to get onto some streets to do the rounds as parked cars are getting in the way.  

“Please move your car so wagons can get through on your bin day,” he requested.

Dean Langton, Pendle Council’s Chief Executive said:

“Our refuse and recycling collectors are doing a great job.  This is a vital service and Pendle residents can help us keep it going at this challenging time.”

David Walker, Environmental Services Manager for the Council said:

“Local people can help keep themselves and our crews stay safe by following clear, simple rules.

“We have updated our website with coronavirus advice about refuse and recycling and I urge everyone to check it and stick to it.

“The web page includes vital safety advice on how to safely double bag personal waste, such as tissues, from someone with coronavirus symptoms.

“It must be safely stored for 72 hours before we can collect it in your grey bin – check the advice carefully and follow it step by step,” he said.

“This message is stay safe and keep our crews safe by following government guidance, “ he stressed.

The instructions people must follow include:  

•    Wash your hands and clean the handles of your bins and boxes before and after you put them out 

•    Keep a safe distance of 2 metres from our collectors 

•    DO NOT double park or park on back streets or at junctions to back streets on bin days

•    If you notice someone has parked blocking access to the street then you will need to put your bin in an easy to spot accessible place for the crews to empty

•    DO NOT do DIY projects or empty sheds or garages creating extra waste.  Household waste and recycling centres are closed and there isn’t room for extra waste in the grey bins!

•    DO NOT put asbestos, plasterboard and gypsum in your waste bin NOT put these materials  in your waste bin. They are harmful to the health of our waste crews.

•    Store electrical items, including batteries and light bulbs, safely at home.  DO NOT put them in any of your bins. They can cause fires in refuse vehicles and at the
     waste facilities where your waste is taken.

•    DO NOT burn waste in your garden or on open home fires or in stoves. A lot of waste is unsuitable for burning. It increases the risk of fires - something our emergency services can
     do without! Burning waste also emits harmful particles. Covid-19 causes respiratory problems, so anything that makes the air less breathable is an additional and unnecessary threat.

Crew member Debbie Green said:

“It’s an anxious time for everyone but especially for people like us working on the frontline.

“But it makes a big difference to know that Pendle people appreciate the fact that we are keeping going!

“Some are leaving thank you messages out for us in their windows and on their bins and we want to thank them.

“Children of keyworkers who’ve been going in to nearby Holy Saviour’s School sent us individual cards thanking us. 

“It made our day and we have them all on display at our Fleet Street HQ in Nelson,” she said.

 Councillor Iqbal added:
“When you do your weekly round of applause for NHS workers, please do an extra round of clapping for our workers who are out on the frontline.”