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Pendle Council agrees savings

Published: Wednesday, 10th October 2018

Pendle Council has agreed to a first round of savings totalling £180,000 at its full Council meeting on 25 September.

By 2021/22 the Council needs to save an estimated £3.9m and it’s constantly looking at ways it can balance the books whilst protecting frontline services wherever possible.

Councillors agreed to:

  • reduce the overall cost of staffing by not filling vacant posts, allowing flexible retirement and voluntary redundancies
  • reduce the number of buildings Council staff occupy
  • continue to work with town and parish councils to maintain our parks and open spaces.

Dean Langton, Chief Executive, said: “We’re still in a very challenging financial position so it’s important we continually identify ways we can save money.

“As in previous years, early action has been taken to deal with the funding gap for 2019/20 but there’s still a great deal more work to do ahead of the budget meeting in February.”

Councillor Paul White, Leader of Pendle Council, added: “These savings are all part of the Council’s financial strategy which aims to grow, charge and save as we work towards self-sufficiency.

“This means as well as making savings, we’re doing what we can to support growth, share services and maximise income on some of our services.

“We’re doing all this whilst protecting frontline services.”