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£400+ fine for takeaway owner

Published: Friday, 30th June 2017

A Burnley takeaway owner has been fined for not having the legally required Duty of Care documents for his business waste which was found fly-tipped at the entrance to Nelson Football Ground.

Basharat Ali, who runs the Lal Qila takeaway on Parker Lane in Burnley, pleaded guilty to failing to produce Duty of Care documents.

He was not able to prove that he disposes of his waste legally when he appeared at Burnley Magistrates’ Court this month.
He was fined £409.

The crime came to light when an Environmental Crime Officer from Pendle Council’s Neighbourhood Services team investigated a number of black bin bags dumped at the entrance to Nelson Football Club. 

Senior Environmental Crime Officer, David Alexander said:

“The bags contained food waste and packaging which linked the fly- tipping to Lal Qila takeaway.

“Rats had been gnawing at the contents and half eaten contents were strewn along the roadside.  It was absolutely disgusting.”
Councillor David Whipp who leads Neighbourhood Services said:

“We’ve had a spate of fast food waste bags being dumped at the Football Club and thanks to our investigations and this prosecution they have now stopped!

“We found that the owner of Lal Qila did not have the Duty of Care documentation to prove that he was legally and safely disposing of his trade waste.

“The evidence our officers found showed that his firm’s rubbish was being dumped in Pendle,” he said.

David Alexander warned: " all businessses in the UK must have legal documents to show that they have a plan in place to safely dispose of their rubbish.  

“Pendle Council offers a trade waste service and there are details on our website and businesses can use other reputable waste disposal companies.

“There is absolutely no excuse for fly-tipping,” he said.
Councillor Whipp said:

“Local people can help us sort out the problem of fly-tipping which is both unsightly and can pose a threat to health and to wildlife.

“We take environmental crime seriously and people can report any incidents on or by calling us on (01282) 661743 or by contacting the Environment Agency on 0800 807060.