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Warnings about reservoir safety in Pendle

Published: Wednesday, 21st June 2017

Pendle Council’s leader for Community Safety, Councillor David Whipp, is urging local people to share warnings about the dangers of swimming in Pendle’s reservoirs, rivers and canals.

“Pendle is a beautiful place and we have many scenic spots near water.

“But these beauty spots should be enjoyed from the safety of dry land,” he said.

“We are warning young people, their families and any other people who enjoy a swim, not to be tempted to have a dip in open water during spells of hot weather.”

His warning comes following this week’s news of the drowning of a teenager at a reservoir near Manchester.

“It’s an awful reminder of the dangers,” he said.

“It’s almost three years to the day since the tragic loss of seventeen year old James Goodship from Colne at Foulridge Reservoir during a heatwave,” he added.

“We are sharing warnings and advice from United Utilities that our reservoirs are beautiful but deadly,” he explained.

“The message is simple, do not go in the water for a swim.

“United Utilities have explained that r
eservoirs may look inviting, especially on a hot day, but they are about the worst possible places to take a swim!” He said.

Reservoirs have deep water which is freezing cold and can numb limbs, while hidden currents and machinery can drag people under.

“Even the strongest swimmers can quickly get into difficulties,” said Councillor Whipp.

Vital advice and warnings to help save lives is available on the United Utilities website

“Swimmers can enjoy a cooling swim in safety at our three swimming pools in Pendle in Barnoldswick, Colne and Nelson.

“There is no need for people to put themselves in danger for a swim,” he said.