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Gardeners urged to be part of garden waste scheme

Published: Friday, 12th May 2017

Photograph of garden waste recyclers.

Colne residents mother and daughter Suzanne and Alice Mann share a green bin.

Pendle gardeners are being urged to renew or sign up to the green bin garden waste scheme in a bid to recycle more for Pendle over the coming year.

Carole Taylor, the Council’s Waste and Recycling Co-ordinator said:
“Summer’s here so we’re contacting everyone on our green bin garden waste scheme asking them to renew.

Pendle’s gardeners who are on the green bin collection scheme should look out for their renewal letters between now and the middle of May.

Gardeners have until 16 June to pay and get the full 12 months of the garden waste fortnightly collection.

“We know that the thousands of people in Pendle who love to garden are keen for us to recycle their garden waste,” said Carole.

“From 8000 subscribers last year we collected almost 3,000 tonnes of garden waste which was recycled into compost.

“The scheme is environmentally friendly as well as convenient,” she added.

People can renew online on Pendle Council’s website by quoting the garden waste reference number which appears in their letter.

Subscribers can also pay using Pendle Council’s automated telephone payment system by calling 01282 661743 and pressing 1 to pay, using a credit or debit card. 

And new subscribers can e mail us at: or call us on 01282 661743 with their address or postcode to see if we cover their neighbourhood with the scheme.

“This is also the best time for gardeners who aren’t on the fortnightIy scheme to contact us about joining up,” Carole said. 

“People often forget about the seasonal work gardeners do and the scheme is great for those who are preparing the ground for new plants, cutting back hedges or gathering fallen leaves. 

“It’s been a very popular service and costs less than 60p a week if people sign up by the end of June to get the full year’s service, as the annual subscription is still just £30 per green bin” Carole explained.

Everyone who joins the scheme will get a sticker within two weeks after paying their subscription. 

“Please put your sticker on your green bin straight away to make sure we collect your garden waste for recycling at the start of the new scheme from 1st July,” added Carole.