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The Pendle Challenge – working for a better future for children and young people

Published: Monday, 6th March 2017

Photograph showing represenatives of the Pendle Challenge group.

The Pendle Challenge group

Over 80 people have joined forces to launch the Pendle Challenge in a bid to improve education and opportunities for children in Pendle.

Teachers from Pendle’s nursery, primary and secondary schools and Nelson and Colne College have joined representatives from Pendle Council and Lancashire County Council to help young people reach their full potential.

“Our shared aim is to improve education standards and raise the ambitions of young people in Pendle,” explained Councillor Mohammed Iqbal, Leader of Pendle Council.

“The Pendle Challenge will be a powerful driving force to improve the future of thousands of Pendle’s children and young people,” he stressed.

Paul Britton, Nelson and Colne College’s Vice Principal for Curriculum said:

“It’s exciting that different organisations are coming together for the first time to create a new network which will make a real difference through working in partnership.

“This is about making Pendle a place where children are going to be more successful, happier, and optimistic about living a purposeful life,” he said.

The Pendle Challenge was launched on 22nd February and the Steering Group will meet again on 6th March to discuss future plans including funding bids.

Sub groups have been set up to tackle different themes such as community and parental engagement and reading.

And educational development and raising attainment will be high on the agenda of the new Pendle Challenge group, too.

Rachel Tomlinson, Headteacher of Barrowford Primary is a member of the Pendle Challenge Steering Group.

She said:  “It’s lovely to see the engagement of so many schools and agencies, all determined to improve the lives of Pendle children.”

Dr Paul Parkin, Headteacher of Park High School, Colne, and also a member of the Steering Group, added:

“There’s huge potential here,  with shared aspirations for our young people.”