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Budget proposals to be reviewed by Council’s Executive

Published: Monday, 6th February 2017

Pendle’s Executive councillors will discuss the Council’s current financial position at a special budget meeting on Wednesday (8th February).

They will again be reminded of the seriousness of the Council’s forecast financial position and that difficult decisions have got to be made.

As a result of less money coming from the Government to help fund Pendle’s services, estimated spending reductions of £3.4m need to be made over the next three years.

At the meeting councillors will receive more detail about the financial forecasts and options from the Council’s Management Team.

In 2017/18, Pendle Council needs to reduce spending by around £0.5m on top of savings already agreed of £1.2m. Further savings of £1.43m have to be found in 2018/19 and £1.44m in 2019/20.

Councillor Mohammed Iqbal, Leader of Pendle Council, said: “Our priority is to protect investment in the services which matter most to our residents and businesses.

“At our Executive meeting we’ll have a look at the options being put forward by Management Team.

“The budget will be set by councillors so we’re not obliged to accept any of the proposals.”

Councillor Tony Greaves, Deputy Leader of Pendle Council, oversees the Council’s finances.

He added: “The government is again reducing our grants and district councils, like ours, are among the worst hit.

“Since last summer we’ve been looking at different ways to cut our spending and raise our income, and have successfully found £1.2m with very little impact on services.

“But we’re now very close to being forced to stop doing some important things.

“The position is getting desperate but we’ll continue to do our best for everyone in Pendle.”

The full budget report is available from

The Council’s budget and Council Tax will be formally agreed at the Council meeting on Thursday 23rd February 2017.