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Pendle Leisure Trust news story on fantastic results for the Trust

Published: Wednesday, 28th September 2022

Following the production of Pendle Leisure Trust’s first Social Return on Investment report in April 2019, another one has been produced by an external evaluator - and again, demonstrates the value of Pendle Leisure Trust to Pendle.

After a difficult couple of years during the pandemic, this report shows the huge impact the Trust’s facilities and activities make to people’s lives.
A creative approach was undertaken to engage with customers and those who took part in the evaluation responded very positively.
The evaluator focused on three main categories to ask about changes to people which were the impact of physical health, mental health and social impact.
The results show the extra value, such as the social value and outcomes that the Trust makes to the residents of Pendle.
The stand-out results confirm that:
In terms of value of the Trust and the value to Pendle, every £1 invested in Pendle Leisure Trust provides a Social Return on Investment of £22.99
90% of customers have seen an improvement in their physical health
92% have seen an improvement in their mental health
85% of customers reported feeling happier
85% feel more positive
In addition to the headline stats, the feedback derived from carrying out this evaluation is really encouraging. Quotes from customers include:
"Been coming 30 years – it’s amazing"
"Has greatly helped with my mental health"
"I feel stronger and I have made friends"
"Given me more discipline – I have a poor mental health and its helping me in all parts of my life"
"I’ve lost 3 stone in a year. I love this facility!"
"My confidence has grown loads"
Chief Executive of Pendle Leisure Trust, Alison Goode, said: “It’s clear that Pendle Leisure Trust continues to provide value for money and has maintained its Social Return on Investment figure even through the challenging time of the pandemic.”