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Keeping your postal vote safe and secret

Published: Wednesday, 20th April 2016

If you’ve chosen to vote by post in this year’s elections, Pendle Council has some advice on keeping your postal vote safe.

Anyone who has requested a postal vote for this year’s elections should receive it by 28 April. 

The Council is keen to remind postal voters that voting is something that you do yourself and in secret and it should not be shared with others, even members of your family. 

Please make sure you keep your postal vote safe by following some simple rules.

When you get your postal voting papers, deal with them straight away. Don’t leave them where someone else can find them, and don’t let anyone else handle them.

When you’re ready to vote: 
• complete your ballot paper in secret, on your own 
• don’t let anyone else vote for you or see your vote

• don’t give your ballot paper to anyone else.

Make sure your vote counts by following the instructions carefully. Sign the postal voting statement and add your correct date of birth, then return it and your ballot paper in the correct envelope.

When returning your postal vote, post it yourself if possible. If you need to ask someone to post it for you, make sure you only give it to someone you know and trust.

Unless absolutely necessary, our advice is not to hand your postal vote to an election candidate or a political party worker.  

Gillian Turpin, Elections Manager, said: “Your postal vote is for you only and you must keep it to yourself. 

“If anyone tries to help you against your will, or force you to give them your postal vote, you must contact us in the Council’s elections team.

“Or if you need help to complete your postal vote, we can offer advice. 

“If you haven’t received your postal voting papers by 28 April, or have any other queries, call us on 01282 661662 or 661919.

“Remember also to send your postal vote back in good time – don’t leave it until the last minute.” 

On Thursday 5 May there will be Pendle Borough Council and Police and Crime Commissioner elections.

There are elections in 16 Borough Council wards. But this year there will be none in Blacko and Higherford, Foulridge, Higham and Pendleside and Old Laund Booth wards.

The Police and Crime Commissioner election will take place in all wards across Pendle.

Philip Mousdale, Returning Officer for Pendle, added: “As always, we’re keen to see a fair election in Pendle. It’s important that everyone who votes by post keeps their vote to themselves and votes in secret.

“Election fraud is a serious offence. We already have anti-fraud measures in place in Pendle. Candidates and agents from all political parties in Pendle have signed a code agreeing to certain standards of practice around the elections.” 

For more information about this year’s elections visit