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Pendle gardeners - time to sign up for green bin collections

Published: Friday, 6th May 2022

John Hannay

Pendle gardeners who have their garden waste collected by Pendle Borough Council are being reminded that final letters are going out about the fortnightly green bin recycling scheme.

David Walker, the Council’s Environmental Services Manager, said:

“Letters are still going out until early May to make sure we have reached over 8,000 gardeners about signing up  for collections from 1 July.

Paid for collections finish at the end of June and people who’ve opted to go paperless have had an email reminder already.

Gardeners can pay their annual fee from now until the deadline of 10 June if they’d like to continue using their green bin from 1 July and not miss any collections.

The current scheme ends on 30 June.

The period covered by the £37 annual subscription is from 1 July 2022 to 30 June 2023 and it’s easiest to pay online using a debit or credit card

“At just over £2 per collection, it’s a cost-effective and eco-friendly way to recycle your garden waste,” said David.

“There are no collections in December, January and February as we found that few people used the service over the winter,” he explained.

Gardeners not already on the scheme can apply to join any time from now via Pendle Council’s website: and if they do it soon they can get extra collections for free!

Gardeners on the scheme are helping to reduce the amount of waste that goes into landfill.

Last year our crews collected over 2,800 tonnes of garden waste which was made into compost – an increase of 12% on the previous year!

And keen local gardeners including John Hannay from Barnoldswick have been helping to promote garden waste recycling and appears in a new video you can watch on Pendle Council’s Youtube.

John said:

“We should recycle as much as we can. I’ve had a green bin for years!

I can’t get round to the tip with my garden waste, so it goes in my green bin.”

Gardeners on the scheme are also being asked to check what they can and can’t put into their green bin by visiting the Council’s website

And the website includes eco-friendly gardening advice including how to collect water and water at the right times of day and tips on how gardening can support wildlife.