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Changes to recycling and refuse collections over the festive season

Published: Wednesday, 22nd December 2021

Photo of Carole Taylor with examples of plastic tubs which can be recycled

Carole Taylor with examples of plastic chocolate tubs which can be recycled in Pendle's brown bins

Bin emptying days in ALL areas of Pendle are going to change from 27 December for four weeks. And some collections will be done on Saturdays.

“Please check your recycling and refuse collection calendar so that you put your bin out on the right day,” said Council Leader, Councillor Nadeem Ahmed.  

“And please leave access clear on your bin day, so that our bin wagons can get through.

“We do not want to miss emptying your bin!”

Local residents can also visit for the details about changes to collections and advice on recycling it right.

Pendle Council’s Waste and Recycling Co-ordinator Carole Taylor said:
“On our website you’ll also find advice on what to do if you have extra recycling or refuse during this period when you have to wait to get your bins emptied. 

“And please also check the list of what goes in your recycling bins.  For example please don’t put any plastic bags in!”

All this information is also inside the recycling and refuse calendars which were delivered to every home in Pendle last month.

Local residents who have extra waste can visit the Household Waste Recycling Centres at Burnley and Barnoldswick.

They are open as normal except Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day, see our website for opening times.

Carole added:  “But there are ways to get more into your brown recycling bin.

“Plastic bottles and trays take up a lot of room. 

“To create more space in your bin take the tops off bottles, carefully squash them and put the lids back on before recycling them. 

“Squash cans too – if you can do so safely!”

Councillor Nadeem Ahmed said:
“We know that people have extra waste during the festive season.

“So to help people, we will take extra refuse next to the grey bin up to the Saturday 22 January.”

“You can also put any plastic bottles, tubs and trays for recycling in a separate bag next to your brown bin on collection day, too.

“Our collection crews will empty any plastic bags with plastic bottles, plastic pots, tubs and trays and leave the plastic bags under your bin handles for you to reuse or dispose of,” explained Carole Taylor.

People who still have a spare old green recycling box can put additional clean cans, glass bottles, plastic bottles and plastic food pots, tubs and trays in and put it out next to their brown bin.

And extra paper and card for recycling can be put out in an old cardboard box next to the blue bin. 

“But please don’t put glass jars or bottles or cans in a plastic bag at the side of your brown bin,” warned Carole.

“Glass could get broken and any jagged edges of cans could harm you, your family and our collection crews too,” she said.

Pendle Council’s top tips for recycling or reusing more this festive season include:

•    Clean mince pie foil cups and plastic containers can go into your brown bin

•    Plastic and metal chocolate, sweet and biscuit tubs can be recycled in your brown bin

•    Christmas wrapping paper (not foil wrap) can go into your blue bin – or reuse the best bits next year!

•    After the festive season, real Christmas trees can be recycled in the garden waste skip at your nearest Household Waste Recycling Centre. 
•    If you’re buying new in the January sales, why not donate any reusable furniture to the Open Door Furniture Recycling at St Mary’s Church Nelson? Visit for details
•    Be eco-friendly and visit Lancashire County Council’s Re-Use Shop at Burnley Household Waste Centre for electrical goods, furniture and other pre-loved bargains.