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New regulations for businesses carrying out body piercing and skin colouring in Pendle

Published: Friday, 17th December 2021

Policy and Resources

Pendle Council is responsible for regulating tattooing, ear-piercing and electrolysis in Pendle by law.

Councillors at the Policy and Resources Committee on 16th December voted to widen the local byelaws so businesses carrying out body piercing and semi-permanent skin colouring activities are covered by regulations too.

Leader of Pendle Council, Councillor Nadeem Ahmed said:

“The need for new byelaws is due to the growing popularity of these activities in our area, with around five new businesses registering with us every year.”

In Pendle there are 25 premises where semi-permanent skin colouration takes place, 16 tattooists, 11 people who do electrolysis and one body piercer and an ear piercer.

Michael Duck from the Council’s Environmental Health Team stated:

“It’s vital that activities like body piercing are carried out in a clean environment using sterile equipment, to prevent infections and illness.

“Locally we have not had any complaints or concerns flagged up with us, but nationally there have been some serious consequences of unregulated skin piercers,” he explained.

The byelaws include the use of protective clothing, hygienic piercing instruments which are sterile and disposable, cleanliness of premises and no smoking, eating or drinking allowed in any treatment area.

Businesses which breach the byelaws could get a criminal prosecution, be fined £1,500 and have their business registration cancelled so they cannot continue with their work.

Michael Duck added: “If anyone has any concern about any business in Pendle, or if a business would like any advice about the regulations, please get in touch.”

Contact Environmental Health by ringing 01282 662009 or by emailing: