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To help Pendle recover, businesses and customers MUST take care!

Published: Thursday, 1st July 2021

Michael Duck

Enviro health

The pandemic is not over and across all types of business, COVID-Secure guidance remains in place.

“Businesses must keep customers, staff and suppliers safe,” warned Councillor Nadeem Ahmed, Leader of Pendle Council.

Pendle Council has produced six different fliers for each of the six towns in Pendle, which have just been delivered to the 40,000 homes across the borough.

“The fliers urge people to make a big difference by supporting local businesses but to take care and enjoy town centres and businesses in Pendle safely.

“We are reminding people to keep following the hands, face, space, fresh air, get vaccinated and get tested advice to stop the spread.

“With cases in Pendle high and the infection rates high, we have to keep up our guard and continue to do all we can protect ourselves, our families and businesses in our community,” he explained.

Michael Duck leads Pendle Council’s Environmental Health Team which checks businesses from hairdressers to restaurants, takeaways to corner shop, pubs and gyms.

He said:

“A worrying number of businesses we have visited are not following rules.

“Out of 353 businesses we visited during June, 119 were not compliant and were putting people at risk.

“We have had to re-visit a third of the businesses the following day to make sure they have now put the Covid-secure measures in place which we flagged up during our inspection.

 “The biggest issue we are finding is staff not wearing face coverings and businesses allowing too many customers in for people to keep a safe distance.

“One business was even allowing customers to sit at the bar – which is not allowed,” he said.

“We have had to pass on details of businesses not following the face covering rule to the Police to enforce,” he added.

“We know it’s been a tough time for businesses,” added Councillor Nadeem Ahmed.

“But it’s vital that they are Covid-secure so that we can reduce the spread of the virus.

“With cases still high and infection rates high, we cannot afford to take any risks,” he said.

“Our Environmental Health Team is also here to offer help and advice to help businesses get it right and we are happy for businesses to contact us,” he explained.

Anyone who is concerned that a business isn’t Covid-secure can let the Environmental Health Team know by filling in the Report a Business form on our website /coronavirus

This is also the website for businesses to visit to check Covid-secure requirements.

Businesses and local people can also ring Environmental Health on (01282) 662009 to discuss any concerns or issues.