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Pendle ready to welcome 10 refugee families from war-torn Syria

Published: Wednesday, 14th September 2016

Pendle will be welcoming 10 refugee families from war-torn Syria at the end of this month.

Councillor Mohammed Iqbal said:

“We pledged our commitment to the Government to re-house up to 20 families  a year ago.

“We have been deeply concerned about the harrowing effects of war on children and families in Syria.

“We’re relieved that we can start to fulfil that pledge and provide support here in Pendle,” he said.

Ten small families with between one and three children per family will be coming to Pendle this autumn to fulfil part of Pendle’s pledge.

Pendle is one of four areas in Lancashire to be providing homes for Syrian families, working with Lancashire County Council which made an agreement with the Government to accept its fair share of Syrian refugees.

The refugees coming to Lancashire qualify for re-settlement under certain vulnerability criteria.

Councillor Iqbal said:

“The support we’re providing means that we can give Syrian refugees safe places to live in Pendle.

“We are helping to co-ordinate efforts, but we do not incur any costs to re-house the families,” he stressed.