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Lockdown sparked Marie’s creativity 

Published: Thursday, 11th March 2021

Graphic Designer Marie Peverley has been inspired to set up a creative business during lockdown.

Graphic Designer Marie Peverley

Graphic Designer Marie Peverley had thought of setting up her own business for years, but family commitments had always left her hesitant to dive in and take the plunge.

She was a busy mum-of-two working full-time in marketing at a buy-to-let company when in March, life as we knew it was completely flipped on its head.

The company where she worked announced immediate closure of the office for three months, and her two children, Forrest, aged nine and Fallon aged six, needed to be home-schooled.

Marie said: “When I think back it was such a huge shock to us all and there was no time to think, we just had to get on with things.”

But the 39-year-old was approaching her 40th birthday and having to put the brakes on normal life gave her the headspace to reignite her passion for art.

She said: “I often used to see other artists work and think I could do that but didn’t do anything about it as life was so busy.”

“I knew the first thing you need in any new venture is to be clear about what you’re selling, and I wanted a style that could be personalised, but was also distinctive,” she explained.

The business also had to be something she could continue once her normal working hours resumed.

Taking her inspiration from travel posters, she began creating hand-drawn pictures using her iPad and iPencil and set up a new website – studio50three to show them off.

“I started off by drawing football grounds and then asking people if they would like me to personalise them with dates and particular memories,” said Marie.

“These went down a storm before Christmas! Particularly the Burnley ones after all the publicity surrounding clarets superfan Jordan North and his ‘my happy place’ comment.”

Since then, she has added lots more designs to the site that reflect special events such as the national mourning for Captain Tom.

“A lot of my work is personal to the buyer’s own special memories of a place or event that means something to them,” said Marie.

“But my latest range is all based on cocktails and the stories behind the naming of them.

“Life is really busy at the moment as I’m back at work and running studio50three. But I am loving it and just so glad lockdown gave me the boost I needed to set it up.

“Luckily, I’ve been able to showcase what I do online, but I’m a real people person and I can’t wait to take briefs face-to-face when allowed and even see some of my work hanging in people’s homes.”

Councillor Mohammed Iqbal MBE, Leader of Pendle Council said: “Hopefully, that won’t be long now, but until then it’s vital that we all remain vigilant to the rules and washing our hands, covering our faces and making space.”

“Well done to Marie who has taken the initiative to use her time at home wisely; an opportunity she may not have had the chance to explore otherwise.”

And Deputy Leader of Pendle Council, Councillor David Whipp added:

““As restrictions slowly start to lift, we may catch a glimpse into the future, but we all need to continue to be careful to ensure we keep on track.”

“Please get vaccinated when you are invited to do so and stay at home unless it's essential to go out,” he urged.

For the latest guidance and rules on Covid-19 and support available, please visit the Pendle Council website