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I wrote my first book in lockdown

Published: Wednesday, 3rd March 2021

Jonathan Dickin, of Barnoldswick, had always wanted to write a novel, but work and leisure had got in the way.

Now, after months of forced lockdown and furlough from his job as an Events Organiser, the 27-year-old is all set to realise his ambition as his first ever book goes on sale on Saturday.
And what a rollercoaster of a ride it’s been for him to write!

Especially as Jonathan caught Covid in the summer and was badly affected by the virus.

The book – My Basketful of Happiness – “Why I called Time on Alcohol” is all about his dad, Andrew’s relationship with alcohol, prior to him giving up drinking altogether three years ago.

 “Dad’s life revolved round alcohol for most of his adult life – through the good times and the bad,” said Jonathan.

“After giving up, he was just buzzing about how well he felt and what a huge difference it had made to his life. 

“He wanted to share with others the reasons why he had finally called time on alcohol.”

“I grew up with dad drinking and in my mind that’s what dads did,” said Jonathan.

“Dad has always been really bubbly and I’m sure most people who know him will be really surprised to hear he had a problem with drinking.

“Now he has changed his drinking habits for the better and feels great. He wanted to share that message with others.”

Writing the book has been a real bonding experience for this already close pair.

“It's been so personal that we both had to step back at times, but I saw a wholly different side to dad who tended to avoid conversations around the topic in the past,” said Jonathan.

 “We both want to stress this is NOT an anti-drinking book, it’s just a record of how much dad’s life has improved in every way since he stopped,” said Jonathan.

Jonathan was initially concerned about whether he had enough time, while working full-time, to do the book justice. 

“Lockdown gave me the time I needed to carry out the research for each chapter of the book, which I admit would probably still be at the planning stage otherwise,” he said.

“Being afforded this time and space certainly helped focus my mind but I, like everyone else, am looking forward to getting vaccinated and seeing the restrictions being lifted in coming months.

“Until then, we’ve all got to keep doing our bit to stop the spread of the virus by remaining vigilant to the rules.  

Councillor Mohammed Iqbal MBE, Leader of Pendle Council, said: “It’s an incredible achievement to write a book full stop.

“But to do so during such an uncertain time about such a personal experience is even more admirable. 

Councillor David Whipp, Deputy Leader of Pendle added: “Jonathan’s story demonstrates how the people of Pendle have shown such fortitude during the pandemic and I wish him every success with this and any future publications.

“We can all see some light at the end of the tunnel, but it is vital that we still remain vigilant and remember to follow the hands, face, space and fresh air rules and advice,” he stated.

Having now got the writing bug, Jonathan would love to write another book, but says that next time it will definitely be a novel!
My Basketful of Happiness: “Why I Called Time on Alcohol” goes on sale on Amazon on Saturday, February 27th.