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Making sure Pendle businesses are Covid-19 secure

Published: Monday, 2nd November 2020

Since the Government moved Pendle up to Local Covid Alert Level Very High, Pendle Council has stepped up efforts to check all businesses are following the new regulations.


“Pendle and the rest of Lancashire are now in Tier 3 because the level of Covid-19 infections are among the highest in the country,” said Councillor Mohammed Iqbal MBE, Leader of Pendle Council.

“That’s why we are checking all businesses in Pendle are Covid-19 secure which means following national regulations and the new rules for Pendle,” he explained.

The Pendle and Lancashire rules include pubs only being able to stay open until 10pm if they are serving substantial meals.

Pendle Council’s Environmental Health Team is visiting businesses across Pendle including barbers, hairdressers, shops, gyms, restaurants, cafes and pubs serving meals to make sure they are following Covid-19 requirements and laws.

“Their role is vital as we work to reduce the spread of the virus and make sure tighter restrictions are followed,” said Councillor Iqbal.

“Our hard working Environmental Health Team has already visited a staggering 685 businesses during the pandemic of which the vast majority - 98% - were following the rules.

“It’s a huge job, with over 1584 businesses to visit in Pendle,” he said.

This includes checking pubs and restaurants in the evening and at weekends with the Police.

During the last week, our Environmental Health Team visited 31 businesses of which three needed to take steps to be fully compliant with Covid-19 Secure regulations.

Michael Duck who leads the team explained the steps they are taking:

“We are working with businesses to make sure they get safety measures right.

“When they don’t, we advise them on the immediate action they must take to be Covid-19 secure.

“We visit the business the following day to make sure improvements have been made.”

Details on how businesses must be Covid-19 secure are on Pendle Council’s website and on

“If a business or organisation needs advice or support we can help, simply call us on 01282 662009 or email us on

And people who are worried that a business in Pendle isn’t following the rules can report it via or ring Michael Duck in Environmental Health on 01282 662009.

“The Government has introduced heavy fines for businesses which are not Covid-19 secure and which could be putting customers and staff at risk,” he warned.

“For example we can issue a fixed penalty notice of £1,000 for not displaying a QR code. 

“If the business continues to operate without following the law they risk paying a much bigger fine of up to £10,000,” warned Michael.

“And we have the legal power to close businesses which are not Covid-19 secure,” he stated.

The Police can issue a fixed penalty notice for £200 for a first offence when someone is not wearing a face covering which is reduced to £100 if paid within 14 days.

But the amount doubles for each additional offence up to maximum of £6,400.

Councillor Iqbal added:

 “It’s been very tough for Pendle businesses and the vast majority of them are getting it right and local people can have confidence.

 “We want to thank them for the huge efforts they have made to put the latest safety measures and regulations in place for customers and staff.

 “And we have just launched some new videos featuring a number of great local businesses following the rules on Pendle Council’s Youtube channel.”

Michael Duck has taken part in the new campaign featuring local businesses and he said:

“The measures we’ve featured include limiting the number of people who can go in to a business at any one time, to ensure safe distancing.

“And the videos and social media graphics show the importance of taking customer details for track and trace.

“The new videos will also help us reinforce the message that both staff and customers in shops, cafes, pubs and restaurants must wear face coverings,” he stated.

“This includes wearing a mask if you pop to the toilets, or go to a chiller counter to see the delicious cakes on offer,” he added.