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Residents urged not to lose their vote

Published: Thursday, 15th October 2020

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Pendle residents are encouraged not to lose their voice on local decisions by making sure their electoral registration details are up to date.

All-out Pendle Council elections, as well as Lancashire County Council and Police and Crime Commissioner elections, are taking place in Pendle in May 2021.

Residents are urged to take this important opportunity to make sure they can take part.

Philip Mousdale, Pendle Council’s Electoral Registration Officer, said: “We have sent out forms and other messages in the last few weeks, so we can make sure we have the right details on the electoral register for every address in Pendle.

“Thank you to everyone who has already responded.

“Those who haven’t yet updated their details will receive a reminder to complete the form in the coming days.

“Simply follow the instructions on the form.

“You can respond online at using the security codes on your form.

“Making sure you provide the necessary information to us promptly will ensure the process runs smoothly.

“This is particularly helpful in the current public health situation, as it will help avoid the need for home visits from canvassers.”

Any new people who are added to the form will need to register individually.

The quickest and easiest way to do this is online –

For more information or for help dealing with the forms, email or call our Elections office on (01282) 661919 or 661662.