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Power to enforce dog controls in Pendle parks

Published: Thursday, 15th October 2020

Signs are up in Pendle's parks and green spaces about new Public Spaces Protection order relating to dogs

Signs are up in Pendle's parks and green spaces relating to dogs and the new Public Spaces Protection Order.

New signs are up in Pendle parks and green spaces to warn dog walkers of the rules they must follow in designated areas to avoid a fixed penalty notice of £100.

The District Enforcement Team, which returned to Pendle in July to tackle littering and dog fouling, can issue on the spot fines to dog walkers who don’t stick to the new Public Spaces Protection Order.

Councillor Mohammed Iqbal MBE, Leader of Pendle Council, said:

“We are urging people to check that they are following the new rules which will be enforced from Monday 2 November.

“They are there to keep dogs, walkers and drivers safe and to make parks and green spaces pleasanter places for everyone to enjoy.”

“Being able to issue fixed penalty notices means that we can avoid the lengthy process of taking people to court.

“However if people don’t pay they can face a much higher fine of up to £1,000 through the courts,” he explained.

Tim Horsley, Pendle Council’s Community Protection Coordinator said:

“Following consultation with well over 600 people, we have kept restrictions on dogs and dog walkers to a minimum.

“The rules apply to certain areas of parks so please check the signs carefully at any green space or park you visit with your dog,” he warned.

“In most areas dogs can enjoy a run off the lead,” explained Tim.

“Dogs are only banned outright from areas such as children's play areas, multi-use games areas, bowling greens, tennis courts, ball courts and skate parks.

“And dogs will have to be on a lead on most sports pitches.

“Dogs must also be kept on a lead in car parks in our parks – for their own safety. 

 “It’s a common sense approach,” he said.

The new Public Spaces Protection Order which applies to certain areas of parks and green spaces include:

  • Dogs being on a lead of no more than two metres in length so that dogs are under close control
  • Dog walkers not walking more than two dogs on a lead at a time on sports pitches.

    This means they are under control and it’s easier to scoop the poop and stop dogs from digging holes which can create a hazard for players.
  • Police, Pendle Council and Town and Parish Council officers being able to ask dog walkers to show they have dog poo bag or something suitable with them as they enter a park or green space
  • Dog owners can also be asked to put their dog on a lead if asked to by the same officials.

And the Public Spaces Protection Order also includes the old by-laws to help deal with problems such as fireworks, camping, metal detecting and playing golf which can be enforced too.  

More information on Public Spaces Protection Orders is on Pendle Council’s website 

Pendle Council’s Green Spaces Manager, Kieron Roberts said:

“District Enforcers in their green uniforms will be patrolling seven days a week in all areas of Pendle, including green spaces such as parks and sports pitches.

“Don’t forget local people can report littering and dog fouling and other environmental crimes via our website: and we alert District Enforcement about hotspots.