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COVID-19 regulations for Pendle

Published: Friday, 18th September 2020

A view of Pendle Hill

Residents in Pendle will be largely unaffected by today’s (Friday 18 September) COVID-19 announcement from the Government.

The main change, which starts from Tuesday 22 September, means that food and drink, leisure and entertainment venues must close at 10pm until 5am.

The guidance already in place for Brierfield and Nelson on using public transport only for essential travel, such as to and from school, college or work, has now been extended to the whole of Pendle.

And new guidance introduced today means that people who live anywhere in Pendle are being asked not to attend any amateur or semi-professional sporting events as spectators.

Councillor Mohammed Iqbal, Leader of Pendle Council said: “We’ve been asking for a relaxation of rules in Pendle which we believe is entirely reasonable because we’ve kept a lid on rising COVID-19 cases locally, thanks to following our plan of getting people with and without symptoms tested.

“Around 25,000 people in Pendle have been tested and the vast majority of people have been following the safe distancing, face coverings and hand-washing rules.

“Pendle has been doing really well in the battle to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

“That’s why we’re disappointed to find that local people are continuing to have to follow tighter measures here because more people are testing positive in other areas of the country.

“Despite what the Government says, we haven’t asked for these restrictions and they are not a fair or fitting approach for Pendle. Our request to the Government remains unchanged.

“We are still aiming for an easing of restrictions in Pendle in line with those in place in the rest of England.”

Regulations still in place for Pendle people mean that local residents must not have visitors to their home or garden or visit anyone else in their home or garden.

And Pendle residents have also not been allowed to mix with other households in indoor venues like pubs and restaurants. This restriction will also continue.

Deputy Leader, Councillor David Whipp said: “In Pendle we've more or less managed to hold the line against the virus in the last couple of months.

“It is crucial that we all continue to be as careful as we can to reduce the risk of the virus spreading still further,” he warned.

“There are three things we can all do to reduce transmission,” he stated.

“The most important thing is to keep our distance from those outside our own household, or support bubble.

“Don't allow the virus to hop from person to person by being too close to others!

“Try not to handle objects touched by others. If you do, please clean your hands thoroughly with sanitiser or soap. 

“Wash your hands frequently, especially when moving from building to building.

“Wear a face covering which covers your mouth and nose when inside shared enclosed spaces.

“This helps prevent the virus spreading through tiny droplets on your breath.

“If we do these three things, we can help contain the virus and keep our communities, and our country, going,” he explained.

“If you have the chance to get a flu jab, grab it with both hands!

“This will help with overall health issues,” he added.

Pendle Council’s recommendations to the Government remain unchanged.

We are asking the Government to:

  • prioritise Pendle with national and regional testing resources to carry out 500 tests per day
  • put in place a new more localised case and contact tracing system where Pendle Council staff follow through calls from start to finish
  • include Pendle in a national DEFRA study into testing sewage to detect Covid-19
  • provide additional support for a new communications campaign for Pendle in collaboration with the Lancashire Resilience Forum.