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Making sure Pendle is Covid-19 secure

Published: Monday, 27th July 2020

Michael Duck

Enviro health

“Environmental Health Officers from Pendle Council are out every day making sure that local shops and businesses are Covid-19 secure,” said Councillor Mohammed Iqbal, Leader of Pendle Council.

This includes visiting pubs and restaurants in the evening and at the weekend.

“Our team has been out checking that shops, pubs, cafes and restaurants are following the Government’s safety guidelines, following a recent spike in coronavirus cases in Pendle,” he explained.

“And we are also reminding local people to wear face coverings in enclosed public spaces such as shops and supermarkets, to keep themselves, local traders and other customers safe," he said.

Environmental Health Officers and Police Community Support Officers have also been taking hundreds of posters out to businesses to ask them to display safety messages.

This includes sticking to the maximum number of people allowed in any business.

Pendle Council’s Chief Executive Dean Langton said:

“Our team visited over 200 businesses last week and out of those, 13 weren’t complying with the rules.

“We have made it clear what they must do and our staff are re-visiting them to check that they are Covid-19 secure.  If they are not we will take action,” he added.

“Anyone who is worried that a local business is breaking the COVID-19 rules should let Pendle Council know via our website under the heading report a business,” said Dean.

Any business needing advice can contact the Environmental Health team on (01282) 662009 and Pendle Council’s website has details of Government rules and guidance

Councillor Mohammed Iqbal added:

“Whilst the percentage of people testing positive has gone down recently, the risk is still there.

“We are asking people to do it for Pendle and keep people safe by following the five point plan.

“People can visit  for latest information including how to get tested,” he said.

The five points Pendle people are being urged to follow are:

1.  Get tested even if you have no symptoms. This will help us to prevent coronavirus from spreading by identifying people who have no symptoms but carry the virus

2.   Avoid family and group gatherings indoors and overnight stays

3.   Wherever possible, do shopping online, pre-book appointments and make contactless
      payments to avoid overcrowding

4.  Wear a face covering in enclose public spaces – including shops and supermarkets

5.  Shops and businesses must display the maximum number of people allowed inside and
     stick to that number to maintain social distancing and keep customers and staff safe.