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Paint amnesty to recycle and re-use your unwanted paint!

Published: Friday, 19th August 2016

Got any unwanted paint tins gathering dust in your shed?

Finished a decorating job this summer with some paint going spare?

Pendle Council is promoting a paint tin amnesty by asking local people to donate any unwanted paint rather than throwing it away.

The Council’s paint amnesty is designed to help the local Community RePaint charity and reduce the amount of reusable paint tins being dumped in landfill.

Councillor David Clegg who leads on recycling and waste issues for Pendle explained:

“Our recycling collection crews often have problems with people putting their unwanted paint tins into their brown recycling bins.

“We do not accept paint tins or tubs in our brown bins.

“When people do put paint tins into the brown bin it contaminates a whole wagon load of recycling and make it fit only for landfill!

“It can cause paint spillages on the road, too,” he said.

Carole Taylor, the Council’s Waste and Recycling Officer explained:

“Community RePaint provides a great service by accepting donations of unwanted paint."

They can be contacted by phone on 01282 222030 or via e mail:

“Community Repaint then re-distributes paint, for example to community groups and charities which need it,” said Carole.

Bill Staines from Community RePaint, which is based in Burnley, added:

“We’re happy for local residents to give us their unwanted paint in a bid to support the community, help the environment and save people money.

“Tins of paint must be at least a third full in their original container, the paint must be five years old or less and in reasonable condition ready for reuse,” he said.

Community RePaint has just renewed its contract to supply Housing Pendle to help new tenants who want to decorate their homes with a paint kit including rollers, dust sheets and brushes.

And any Pendle residents can call into the shop at unit 1, Kitchens Garage on Trafalgar Street Burnley BB11 1TQ  Monday to Friday 9am – 4pm to choose from a wide range of paint at very affordable prices from £2 a litre.

“It means you can no longer put off that decorating job,” added Bill.