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Bin wagons rolling out vital protection messages

Published: Friday, 15th May 2020

Bin wagon graphics urging people to look out for signs of neglect and abuse of children and young people.

Pendle Council bin wagon graphic urging people to report suspected neglect or abuse or children and young people.

“Bin wagons are rolling out across Pendle with vital messages to help people who are most at risk during lockdown,” announced Councillor Mohammed Iqbal, Leader of Pendle Council.

“We’re displaying six new giant graphics on the sides of our wagons to flag up how people in challenging and potentially life-threatening situations can get the support they urgently need," he said.

The giant posters are promoting helplines for domestic abuse and for children who are suffering from neglect, abuse or sexual exploitation.

And people are being urged to get in touch with the support agencies if they are worried about an adult or child they know, who they think is at risk.

“Our bin wagons cover every street and area of Pendle, including places where other forms of communication may not reach,” explained Councillor Iqbal.

The bin wagon campaign will be part of a wider campaign including social media, to get life-saving messages across.

“We want people to know they are not alone.  There is help available to protect them,” said Councillor Iqbal. 

Dean Langton, Pendle Council’s Chief Executive said:

“We work in partnership with Lancashire Police and other agencies, including the Pendle Domestic Violence Initiative, to keep people safe in Pendle.

“This is another way we can show people that help IS available and looking out for a neighbour means even more now,” he stressed.

“Domestic abuse has been increasing during COVID-19 lockdown,” warned Claire Bennett of the Pendle Domestic Violence Initiative.

“If you worried about someone, or if you feel trapped at home dealing with abusive behaviour, ring the Pendle Domestic Violence Initiative on 01282 726000 or contact the Police on 999 if it’s an emergency,” she said.

“And safeguarding children is everyone’s duty,” said Dean Langton.  “That’s why we’re asking people to look out for signs of neglect, abuse or sexual exploitation and to ring 0300 123 6720.”

“If there is a serious or immediate threat to you, to a child or to anyone you are worried about, call the police emergency number 999,”  he said.

The new bin wagon graphics are also promoting the new Pendle Community Hub, set up by Pendle Council and run by volunteers from the Pendle Leisure Trust. 

Alison Goode, Chief Executive of the Trust said:

“The Hub provides support seven days a week for anyone who needs help with food shopping, getting prescriptions, dog walking, coping with loneliness or with financial and debt advice.”
The hub is open Monday to Friday 9am to 4pm & 10am to 3pm Saturday and Sunday including bank holidays. 

“If you, or a vulnerable person you know, could do with some help please call us on (01282) 661743 or email:  or fill in an online form via

“Since we opened at the start of the lockdown, we have dealt with over 1,100 enquiries.

“We’re working with organisations like the Burnley and Pendle Voluntary Council for Voluntary Services and local charities, to get people the help they need,” she said.