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Please exercise responsibly

Published: Tuesday, 7th April 2020



Pendle Council is urging residents to behave responsibly when taking your daily exercise during the coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak.

With the lockdown measures in place, more and more people are taking the opportunity to get some exercise and fresh air by going for a walk.

The clear message from the Government to slow the spread of the disease is to stay at home in order to protect the NHS and save lives.

If you leave the house for your daily exercise you should only go for walks from your own doorstep.

And the Council’s Countryside Access Officer, is reminding people to follow the Countryside Code as well as specific Covid-19 advice.

Tom Partridge, Countryside Access Officer, said: “Lots of residents in Pendle have rights of way running very close to where they live and are seeing a marked increase in passers-by.

“Please consider their need for social distancing and be aware that some of these people may be in self-isolation because of illness or other vulnerabilities.”

Tom explained that if people don’t behave responsibly it also makes life more difficult for farmers.

“Quite apart from the risk of coronavirus infection, they need their fields to be safe, particularly at this time of year with lambing, so it’s important you keep to the footpath.

“Some footpaths are not clearly defined - make sure you know where the footpath goes before setting off across fields.

“And stay on the public right of way when walking across farmland and any other private land.”

Councillor Mohammed Iqbal, Leader of Pendle Council, said: “It’s important that we all respect other people and protect the natural environment.

“Your actions can affect people’s lives and livelihoods so please follow these simple steps.”

  • Stay local and use open spaces near to your home where possible – do not travel
  • unnecessarily.
  • Only go outside alone or with members of your own household
  • Keep at least two metres apart from anyone outside your household at all times so try to avoid narrow rights of way.
  • Take hygiene precautions when you are outside, and wash your hands as soon as you are back indoors.
  • Clean up after your dog. Dog fouling is unpleasant for other walkers and it causes diseases in livestock.
  • Keep your dog on a lead or under close control. Countryside footpaths are not the place to allow your dog to run around. This can worry livestock and disturb ground-nesting birds.
  • Leave gates as you find them. If you have to open a gate to use a footpath then make sure it is properly closed behind you.