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Help end male violence against women

Published: Friday, 20th December 2019

News story on working to end domestic violence against women and how to get help

The White Ribbon pledge is being promoted by one of Pendle Council's bin wagons.

In the last year more than a million women were victims of domestic abuse.

“These shocking figures are taken from the Crime Survey for England and Wales,” explained Corporate Director Philip Mousdale, one of Pendle Council’s White Ribbon Ambassadors. 

“And there’s always a steep rise in domestic violence over the festive season, with a spike in incidents reported to the police,” he said.

“At Christmas and New Year the combination of financial pressure, alcohol and being cooped up in closed quarters, can put an extra burden on relationships,” explained Philip. 

“For many people this is a tough time of year, problems can escalate and in an abusive relationship it can lead to violence,” he warned.

“That’s why we have a bin wagon carrying a giant White Ribbon message around Pendle over the festive season,” he said.
Pendle Council has been supporting the White Ribbon campaign’s mission to end male violence against women since 2017, when Lancashire became the first White Ribbon county in the UK. 

“Since then we have been urging people to sign the White Ribbon pledge,” said White Ribbon Champion for Pendle Council, Audrey Drinkwater.

“It’s a promise to never commit, excuse or remain silent about violence against women,” she said.

 “All organisations can become White Ribbon Accredited and make the public commitment that they are taking action to end male violence against women,” she said.

Any organisations, sports teams or Pendle businesses who’d like to get involved can contact Audrey on (01282) 661339 or email 

“Over 38,000 people in the UK have made the online promise and anyone over the age of 14 can sign the pledge,” said Audrey. 

This year, the focus is on engaging with young men and boys to raise awareness about domestic violence and how we can work together to end it.

That’s why Kieron Roberts, Pendle Council’s Green Spaces Manager, has been working with local sports clubs to share the White Ribbon message and encourage people to sign the pledge.

He said:

“This year Pendle Forest under 16 Vipers and Barrowford Celtic Junior Football Clubs signed up to be White Ribbon supporters and the Pendle Charity Football League has been involved in the campaign throughout 2019.

“Colne and Nelson Rugby Club, Trawden Athletics Club and Park Run are involved for the second year running, and any other clubs who would like to sign up can email me at: or contact Audrey in our Localities Team.

Pervez Akhtar from Pendle Council’s Localities Team is also a White Ribbon Ambassador.  He said:

“We cannot ignore the fact that one in four women experience domestic abuse in their lifetime and a similar number suffer from sexual assault or stalking.”
“The majority of these incidents are committed by men, but men doing their bit as White Ribbon Ambassadors can help bring issues out into the open and work to prevent it.

“Start by signing the pledge, he urged..

Domestic violence is threatening behaviour, violence or abuse which takes place between adults who are family members or partners (including ex-partners).  
It can take different forms including physical and sexual abuse including unwanted sexual activity such as touching or grouping someone.

It includes financial abuse, such as controlling someone’s finances or not letting someone work.

And it covers emotional and psychological abuse such as stalking someone, constantly checking up on someone and playing mind games.

Pendle Council is urging people to get help if they are affected by domestic abuse or know someone who is.  

•             Contact Lancashire Police on 01772 614444 or 999 in an emergency

•             Call Pendle Domestic Violence Initiative Helpline (01282) 726000 or email

•             Children experiencing domestic abuse can contact The Lookout on 01282 619192 or by text 07543 646 959 or email

•             Lancashire Victim Services can be called on 0300 323 0085

•             The 24 hour National Domestic Violence Freephone Helpline number is 
               0808 2000 247

•             Men who have been violent and want to get help tackling their abusive behaviour can contact Respect on 0808 802 4040 or visit

The Council is sharing advice from Lancashire Police for anyone who is a victim of domestic violence:

•    Tell someone you can trust

•    Get help and advice from organisations who can offer support

•    Use a code word with children, family, neighbours or friends to alert them to call the police if you need help

•    Safely make notes of abusive incidents, including times, dates, names, what was said and details of injuries. These notes can be very important when you need to access legal and         welfare rights.

•    Report any injuries to your GP so there is a record of the abuse.

If you plan to leave…

•    Pack a bag with essentials, including important documents, telephone numbers, cash cards and any medication you need

•    If you have children, talk to them about your plans if you can and think it is safe. Explain what is happening and take them with you

•    Take identification that might help others to protect you or confirm your identity - for example, a passport, national insurance number etc

•    See a solicitor. They can help you with court orders to prevent your partner assaulting you, and make you aware of your legal rights.