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Pendle Council declares Climate Emergency

Published: Thursday, 3rd October 2019

Pendle Council has made a pledge to tackle the environmental crisis which is affecting us locally, nationally and globally.

The United Nations’ report on the impact of global warming highlights the risk of catastrophic climate change if global warming continues to increase to dangerous levels.

And at the full Council meeting in July, councillors declared a Climate Emergency.

The Climate Emergency Working Group met for the first time this week (Tuesday 1 October).

Councillor Tony Greaves, Chairman of the Working Group, said: “Urgent action is needed to tackle global warming and the effects of climate change.

“Pendle on its own can’t solve the problems of the world but we all have to do what we can so we’re taking the lead in Pendle on the climate emergency.

“Climate change should not be seen as someone else’s problem – it’s something we all have a responsibility to act on.”

The Council is inviting local organisations, with an interest in climate change issues, to a meeting to discuss what can be done locally.

It will focus on what they’re doing, what the Council is doing and how they can work together to contribute to creating a sustainable future.

The meeting is at Nelson Town Hall on Thursday 14 November at 7pm.

Any organisation interested in attending should book their place (one place per organisation) by emailing Jane Watson, Head of Democratic Services, by Thursday 31 October -

Councillor Greaves added: “We need to take stock of where we are now and where we need to be.

“Work on that has already begun, but in order for us to make a difference we need to come together to work towards this common goal.

“The task is enormous, but to safeguard our planet, it’s necessary!”

Pendle Council has already been taking steps to tackle the effects of climate change. These include:

  • changing our entire fleet of 44 vehicles including bin wagons and street sweepers, with every vehicle giving off the lowest emissions possible
  • fitting a number of buildings with solar panels
  • reducing our carbon emissions by 5%
  • working with our energy suppliers to ensure they use renewable sources.