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Canvassers are now visiting homes

Published: Thursday, 22nd August 2019

Pendle Council canvassers are out and about in the borough’s towns and villages to visit residents who haven’t yet returned their Household Enquiry Forms.

Until 16 September they’ll be knocking on doors to ensure people are on the electoral register and don’t lose the right to vote.

Gillian Turpin, Pendle Council’s Elections and Registration Manager, explained: “The electoral canvass is part of the annual voter registration process.

“Many residents have already returned their forms by post or registered by telephone, internet or text message.

“But there are still around 18,000 households we haven’t heard from. It’s these homes that our canvassers will be visiting.”

If a Pendle Council canvasser knocks on your door, first check their Council ID badge to be sure they are who they say they are.

They will then go through the details on the form with you to check if they are correct.

If they’re wrong, the canvasser will make the necessary changes with you.

By law households have to provide this information to their local council every year.

If you do not provide the information or give false information, then you could be fined up to £1,000.

For further information about the electoral registration canvass, contact the Elections Office on (01282) 661662.