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Rolling out the garden waste message

Published: Wednesday, 5th June 2019

Bin wagon with garden waste livery

Bin wagon reminder about garden waste collections.

Gardeners across Pendle have until Friday 14 June to sign up to the popular garden waste service so they don’t miss any of the new collections which start from July.

And Pendle Council is getting the message out thanks to giant-sized graphics which are being put on bin wagons which will be seen across the borough.  

“Gardening season is here, with all the right conditions for growing - sunshine, rain and warmer days,” said Pendle Council’s new leader, Councillor Mohammed Iqbal.

“We’ve been able to change our bin wagon graphics thanks to funding from the government for the Voter ID Pilot,” explained David Walker, Pendle Council’s Environmental Services Manager.

“We’re making the most of this opportunity and 11 bin wagons will carry huge graphics including recycle it right and green bin garden waste collection messages,” he said.

Carole Taylor, Pendle Council’s Waste and Recycling Co-ordinator said:

“We’ve written to over 7,000 people who are on the scheme so they can sign up for another year, flagging up the Friday 14th June deadline so they don’t miss out on any collections.

“The bin wagons will be a useful reminder so they sign up again in time!” 

Gardeners can pay online and anyone not on the optional scheme but who would like to see if we can add their address can visit to find out.

The annual charge is £30 for the fortnightly service which runs from 1 July until the end of November and starts again from March 2020 when the gardening season begins, until the end of June.

 “More people are aware that taking care of the planet is vitally important,” said Councillor Iqbal,

“By recycling your garden waste you are doing your bit for Pendle and the environment, by reducing the amount of waste that goes into landfill,” he said.

 “We collect over 2,500 tonnes of garden waste which is made into compost ,” he explained.

Carole Taylor added:

“Please make sure you don’t put things into your green bin which can’t be composted!

“People keep putting plastic bags including black bin liners into their recycling bins and these will not compost down,” she warned.

 “But we often find things in the grey rubbish bin which CAN go in your green bin – like rabbit and guinea pig bedding,” she said.

To find out what can and can’t go in your green bin visit

  Here’s what can and can’t go in the green bin

Yes please!                                                                                                        No thanks 

√ Grass cuttings                                                                                                X Black bin bags & plastic bags    

√ Hedge clippings                                                                                             X Household rubbish

√ Tree loppings                                                                                                 X Food/kitchen waste

√ Twigs, bark, leaves                                                                                      X Plastic

√ Straw and shavings                                                                                      X Logs, thick branches

√ Flowers and plants                                                                                      X  Ragwort

√ Small branches                                                                                              X  Soil, rubble

√ Fallen fruit                                                                                                       X Flowerpots

√ Straw/hay                                                                                                       X  Cardboard/paper

√ Rabbit bedding