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Recycle it Right winners claim their prizes

Published: Wednesday, 6th March 2019

Recycling winners get their prizes

Recycle it Right winner Malcolm Scott (on left) receives his vouchers.

Six recyclers from across Pendle are claiming their prizes after winning Pendle Council’s Recycle it Right competition.

“We ran three roadshows at Sainsbury’s Colne, Morrisons Nelson and The Co-op in Barnoldswick,” said Council Leader, Councillor Paul White.

“Our aim is to encourage people to recycle it right,” he stated.

“Pendle recycles over 10,000 tonnes of waste per year which would otherwise end up in a landfill site and the roadshows were designed to encourage people to recycle more of the right things,” he said.

“The recycling quiz at the roadshows tested local people on what they can and can’t recycle,” explained Carole Taylor, Pendle Council’s Waste and Recycling Co-ordinator.

“At the roadshows we reminded people that they CAN put empty aerosols in the brown bin for recycling, with the lids off.
“And we also take clean foil and empty metal biscuit tins in the brown bin,” she added.

Over 300 people came to the roadshows including over 100 people who took part in our quiz with the chance of winning a £25 supermarket voucher.

The winners are Moira Smith of Nelson and Malcolm Scott from Barrowford who’ve both won a £25 Morrisons voucher.

Ada Hannam from Salterforth and Carol Sneath from Barnoldswick each won £25 Co-op vouchers after taking part in the Barnoldswick Co-op roadshow.

Carole said: “Recycling is good for the environment.  I make sure I put the right things in the right bin!”

And April Wood from Salterforth and Terry Pollard of Colne both received their £25 vouchers having won the quiz at Sainsbury’s, Colne.

April, who’s just moved to Pendle from Bradford, said:   “I think Pendle recycling is very easy.”

Councillor Paul White added: 
“Some people who attended our roadshows were unclear on what types of plastic could go in their brown bin. 

“During our conversations it was clear they thought they could recycle plastic, such as empty yoghurt pots, empty food trays and empty margarine tubs.

“But Lancashire County Council’s facility cannot take these things so they cannot go into your brown bin. 

“Lancashire only recycles certain types of plastic bottles through the brown bin scheme, other types are too expensive to recycle,” he said. 

“Lancashire County wants to collect more types of plastic, such as pots, tubs and trays in future. This is a top priority for them.

“It’s a big issue for recycling nationally and the government is looking at how we recycle plastic,” explained Councillor White.

 “If you want to check what you currently can and can’t recycle in Pendle please visit our website,” he said.

Carole Taylor added a final tip for Pendle recyclers, saying:
“We’re now asking people to keep the lids on empty plastic bottles including empty shampoo and bubble bath and cleansing product bottles.

That’s because Lancashire County Council which takes our recycling has alerted us to the problem that smaller loose caps or bottle tops were often not going through the recycling process when they were put in loose.

Other quotations from winners:  
Terry Pollard from Colne who took part in the roadshow at Sainsbury’s said:  “Recycling is something you have to do.  At the recycling roadshow I didn’t realise the quiz was a competition so it was a nice surprise when I won!”

Ada Hannam from Salterforth celebrated being a recycling quiz winner during her 82nd birthday week and was presented with her £25 Co-op voucher at Barnoldswick Co-op.  She said: “I try to always get recycling right.”

Moira Smith from Nelson received her £25 Morrisons voucher in the supermarket and said:  “If I forget to put my bin out my neighbour puts it out for me!” 

Malcolm Scott who was also a winner at Morrisons said:  “My wife and I did the quiz together.  We’re keen recyclers.”

For further information please contact: Sarah Lee, Principal Communications Officer, Communications, Pendle Council, Town Hall, Market Street, Nelson, BB9 7LG