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Pendle Community Safety Partnership urges drivers to be bike smart

Published: Monday, 19th November 2018

Bike Aware

Bike aware

Pendle Community Safety Partnership is urging people to be bike smart to ensure the safety of cyclists and motorcyclists on our roads.

We’re supporting this year’s Road Safety Week (19 – 25 November) which is co-ordinated by road safety charity Brake.

As well as reminding drivers to slow down, the campaign is urging drivers not to get too close to bikes and to take time to look properly when pulling out at junctions.

More than 38,000 cyclists and motorcyclists are killed or injured on British roads every week and of this 45% are at or near junctions.

Between September 2017 and August 2018, 21 people were killed or seriously injured in Pendle – 15 adults and six children. Two were cyclists and one was a motorcyclist.

Councillor David Whipp, Chairman of Pendle Community Safety Partnership, said: “Although the number of seriously injured cyclists is reducing in Pendle, cyclists and motorcyclists are among the most vulnerable road users in the UK.

“More than a third of people killed or seriously injured on UK roads are those travelling by bike and more than 100 riders are injured every day in needless, preventable crashes.”

Pendle Council is also supporting the campaign by reminding staff and councillors about the importance of being bike smart by sharing some tips.

  • Check for bikes before you open the door – people are killed and injured by drivers opening their door before checking to see what’s coming
  • Turn your head and look for cyclists before you pull out – 45% of cyclists deaths occur at or near junctions
  • Don’t get too close to bikes – leave at least 150cm between you and the rider
  • You’re not a bike – never stop in bike boxes at junctions and don’t drive in cycle lanes
  • Slow down!

Councillor Whip added: “Driving is unpredictable and if something unexpected happens, it’s a driver’s speed which determines whether you can react in time and prevent an accident.”