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Getting recycling right in Pendle 

Published: Wednesday, 26th September 2018

Pendle Council is launching a #RecycleitRight social media campaign on Facebook and Twitter this week to tie in with National Recycle Week which runs from Monday 24th – Sunday 30th Sept.

And the Council will be running three recycling roadshows in local supermarkets in November.
“Over a third of Pendle’s waste is recycled and our campaign is designed to show people how they can recycle more,” said Council Leader, Councillor Paul White.

“It’s great that thousands of people in Pendle help us recycle over 10,000 tonnes of waste which would otherwise end up in landfill,” he said.
Carole Taylor, Pendle Council’s Waste and Recycling Co-ordinator, said:

“We’re helping to spread the national message about recycling it right and the importance of keeping things which can be recycled in use, rather than thrown away,” she explained.

Pendle Council works with Lancashire County Council to make sure our recycling is put to good use and Pendle people can check what they can recycle on

Thanks to local people’s efforts in recycling, cans are reprocessed to make new food and drinks cans and other metal products such as cars, train tracks, bicycle frames, pipes and even ship hulls!

Glass jars and bottles are re-melted to make new glass bottles and jars and the smaller pieces are used in the UK aggregates industry, for things such as road surfacing.

And most of our plastic bottles are used to make plastic pipes.

“But around a fifth of what we collect from people’s brown recycling bins are things which we can’t recycle In Lancashire, said Carole.

“The material recycling facility that we take the recycling to can only sort out plastic bottles, and so other plastics cannot be identified using the equipment there,” Carole explained

“There are limited markets for other plastics too, which means we can only collect plastic bottles for recycling in our scheme at the moment,” she stated

“Our campaign will help to remind people what they can and can’t recycle,” she said.
“Unfortunately we can’t recycle plastic bags, empty plastic yoghurt pots, cling film and plastic food containers in the brown bin. 
“But a lot of people forget that we CAN recycle empty bottles from their bathroom cupboards, such as bubble bath and shampoo bottles with the tops thrown in separately,” she said.

“We can even recycle empty aerosol cans with the lids put in separately, such as shaving foam canisters,” she added.