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Noisy neighbour problem - equipment seizure

Published: Friday, 24th August 2018

A noisy Colne resident has had stereo equipment removed from their home by Pendle Council’s Environmental Health Team.

Police joined the Council officers as they visited the property on Pendlemist View on the morning of Wednesday 15th August.
It followed complaints from neighbours about loud music.

A Sound Bar and a set of speakers were seized.

The Council has the legal powers to take items that are being used to cause the noise nuisance under the Noise Act.

Following an initial complaint from neighbours, evidence was gathered via the Night Time Noise Service.

This is a partnership between Pendle Council and four other East Lancashire Councils  - Hyndburn, Rossendale, Blackburn with Darwen and Burnley.

One Environmental Health Officer who went out to the property to witness the noise said that the music was so loud that the floors in a neighbour's property were vibrating.

He said that the noise was one of the worst cases he had ever experienced.

A Noise Abatement Notice was served on the occupant of the flat at Pendlemist View, but still the noise continued.

This resulted in the equipment seizure in August as the Environmental Protection Act allows.

Pendle Council’s Corporate Director Philip Mousdale said:

“Noise nuisance impacts on all aspects of our quality of life,  causing stress and anxiety. 

“Cases like this highlight the powers that councils have under the Environmental Protection Act to address problems caused by noisy neighbours.

“The resident at this property had ignored warnings that he would have his equipment seized if he did not turn the noise down.

“No one should have to put up with noisy neighbours. If you’re having problems with yours, you can get help by calling us on (01282) 661199,” he stated.

Anyone who has problems with noisy neighbours should get in touch with Pendle Council and there’s advice on our website

Local residents experiencing this problem will need to help by collecting evidence during the investigation.

The quickest and easiest way of gathering evidence is to download the Noise Nuisance App onto a smartphone and search for ‘noise nuisance’ in the App Store or Google Play.

This allows people to record noise as it happens, building up a diary of evidence to validate any noise complaint.

It can then be sent to Pendle Council at the touch of a button.

For more information, visit or type Noise Nuisance App into YouTube.