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Green bin reminder to Pendle’s gardeners 

Published: Thursday, 14th June 2018

As the gardening season of long days and sunshine continues, Leader of Pendle Council Paul White says:  “We have a passion for gardening  in Pendle and almost 6,000 gardeners have already signed up for another year of our green bin collections.”

Environmental Services Manager David Walker explained:

“The price of the popular fortnightly service is the same as last year - £30 per green bin for a year, which works out at just 60p a week,” he explained.
“Don’t forget to  sign up by Friday 15th June to  get the  full 12 months of the service and the satisfaction that your garden waste is being composted,” said David.

"But you can sign up after that date, too," he added. 
“Find out more on and fill in a quick form to find out if we can add your address to our garden waste rounds if haven’t got a green bin,” said David.

“You can also check what you can and can’t put in the green bin, he added.
Local gardeners who’ve renewed their subscription for the next year include Sam Saxon from Brierfield.

Sam said:  “I find gardening very relaxing – and with a green bin there’s no need to mess up your car with garden waste to take to the tip!

And parents Scott and Jade with their children Theo and Emilia who live in Trawden said:

 “The whole family helps to fill the green bin for the fortnightly collections!  

“A lot of people don’t realise you can put straw, wood shavings and rabbit bedding in. 

“We have pet rabbits and a guinea pig so their bedding gets composted in the green bin.”