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Pendle sets Council Tax and makes tough budget decisions 

Published: Wednesday, 28th February 2018

The budget proposed by Pendle Council’s Labour and Liberal Democrat shared administration was agreed at the annual Special Budget Council meeting last Thursday (22nd February).

A 2.99% increase in Pendle Council’s share of the Council Tax was also agreed.

This means an increase of £4.99 for a Band A property for Pendle Council services and a £7.48 increase for a Band D property per year.  

Overall, Pendle’s share of the Council Tax charge for a Band A property will be £171.76 for the year or £3.30 per week.

Councillor Mohammed Iqbal, Leader of Pendle Council, said: “We have had to be realistic and, following Government guidance, increased the Council Tax following cuts to our core funding which has been slashed by over half since 2010.   

“We have lost over £7m in funding and the financial challenge we are facing gets tougher every year. 

“We have kept the Council Tax increase as low as we can whilst continuing to provide vital street level services to Pendle people.
“Lancashire County Council has increased their part of the Council Tax by 5.99% and the Police by 7.25%.”

At the Special Budget meeting, the Council decided against any reductions in litter picking, street sweeping and cleaning in 2018/19. 

It was also agreed that no administrative charge would be made for replacement bins and there would be no reduction in funding for land drainage. 

A small charge for bulky household waste collections will be introduced from April. 

Councillor Tony Greaves, Deputy Leader of Pendle Council, said: "I believe this budget is the best possible for people in Pendle this year. 

“It includes the total spending level and the Council Tax increases that the Government itself has told us we need. 

“The increases in the Pendle share of the Council Tax amount to about 10p per week for Band A houses and about 14p per week for Band D households.  That’s well over half of Pendle,” he explained.

"Following the results of the residents' survey carried out by Pendle Council, we refused to make any cuts in in street cleaning and litter picking,” he stated.

“And we decided not to put up the charge for the popular optional garden waste green bin scheme,” he said. 
Over 2,200 local people gave their views in the consultation about how best to make savings.

The results of this survey led to the decision to reduce the frequency of our recycling collections  for paper, card, cans and glass and plastic bottles  which will change to every four weeks from April. 

And to save around £13,000 there will be an opt-in for the garden waste scheme during the winter so that keen gardeners who want to continue getting the fortnightly service can opt in during this period.

"To help towards the savings in the budget, Councillors cut their allowances by £12,000, as part of the change back to a committee system which will start in May,” added Councillor Greaves.

"We are taking the very maximum that is sensible from the Council's reserves to help keep services going - £1.3m,” he stated. 

“Taking any more this year would be reckless and put the services next year and the year after in real jeopardy,” said Councillor Greaves.

Anyone wanting more detail on decisions on the Council’s budget for 2018/19 can visit Pendle Council’s website  and click on Council to find the agenda and more details for the Council meeting on Thursday 22nd February.