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Let’s look out for each other

Published: Tuesday, 18th July 2017

Let's look out for each other

Pendle Community Safety Partnership is urging people to ‘look out for each other’ in a bid to reduce the number of child pedestrians being injured on the borough’s roads.

Since 2012, 48 children were injured or seriously injured in a road traffic collision on Pendle’s roads.

This is one of the highest numbers of child casualties in Lancashire and the Partnership wants to drive this down.

It’s joined forces with Lancashire County Council’s Road Safety Partnership to run a campaign to remind drivers and families of the hazards.

Eye-catching signs with the slogan ‘let’s look out for each other’ have been put up in hotspots across the borough.

And leaflets and posters have been delivered to all primary schools for parents of reception and year 6 pupils who have been identified as the most vulnerable ages.

Councillor David Whipp, Chairman of Pendle Community Safety Partnership, said: “It’s unacceptable that we have one of the highest numbers of child casualties in the county.

“But we can all take some simple steps to reduce this figure and ensure our children aren’t hurt on the roads.”

Most incidents happen when a child suddenly steps, cycles or runs into a road. And in many cases the children are with a family member at the time.

Other common factors include adults losing control of younger children whilst crossing the road, parked cars which reduce visibility and children becoming distracted.

Parents and carers are being urged to set a good example to children by always crossing safely.

And drivers are being encouraged to play their part by anticipating that children can behave unpredictably and to give themselves time to stop if necessary.

Councillor Whipp added: “We want drivers to take more care when travelling through areas where children may be out playing.

“And be mindful that many incidents happen at the start and end of the day as children travel between home and school.”

Geoff Whitehead, Manager of Pendle Community Safety Partnership, explained that there are certain times in a child's development when their risk of being involved in a collision as a pedestrian increases.

He said: “When children are around aged six, and become very mobile for the first time, they could run into the road while playing or stray from parents or carers when crossing the road.

"And when children begin secondary school and gain a bit more independence, walking alone or in groups over longer distances, some may be prone to distraction.”

Lancashire Road Safety Partnership has added useful advice and information to its website for parents and carers  

Notes to editors

Pendle’s figures for children who were injured or seriously injured on Pendle’s roads