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Recycling sites in Pendle to close

Published: Friday, 17th February 2017

Ten public recycling sites in Pendle will close by the end of March as they are costing over £20,000 a year

They are becoming an eyesore due to persistent problems with the fly tipping of household and trade waste.

The ten recycling sites which are closing are at:

Asda, Colne
Red Lion pub, Colne
Goitside car park, Nelson
Morrisons, Nelson
Rainhall Road, Barnoldswick
Boot Street car park, Earby
Barley picnic site
The Rising Sun pub, Blacko
The Sparrowhawk pub, Fence
The Anchor Inn,  Salterforth

The recycling site at Sainsbury’s is run privately by them and is therefore not on the list of sites which  Pendle Council is closing.

The recycling site at B&Q closed in December 2016 at their request.

David Walker, Pendle Council’s Environmental Services Manager said:

"Residents are able to recycle up to six types of material via the fortnightly kerbside collections from their homes." 

Pendle people keen to recycle more can continue to use the free fortnightly service and there are details on our website

"We also offer a good, convenient service to businesses in Pendle, collecting waste and recycling direct from their premises," stated Carole Taylor, Pendle Council's Waste and Recycling Officer.

"Anyone who'd like details about our commercial waste collection service can contact us on 01282 661745," she added.

There are also household waste and recycling centres on West Close Road, Barnoldswick and at Heasandford Industrial Estate, Burnley with details on our website: