Council and Committee structure

Accounts and Audit Committee



  • Cllr. Nadeem Ahmed
  • Cllr. Lyle Davy (Chair)
  • Cllr. Paul White


  • Cllr. Mohammad Ammer

Liberal Democrat

  • Cllr. Dorothy Lord

The Accounts and Audit Committee is a politically balanced Committee of 8 Members and its duties are:

  • To approve the Statutory Statement of Accounts
  • To regularly review the Statement of Internal Control
  • To consider Use of Resources assessments and make recommendations to the Executive as to any action plans arising
  • To review annually the effectiveness of the Council's corporate governance and risk management arrangements, and to make recommendations to the Council and the Executive on any issues arising
  • To meet with the External Auditor in relation to the audit plan, management letter and other issues
  • To consider the detailed annual internal audit report
  • To deal with other detailed matters arising, relating to the Council's accounts and audit procedures