Council and Committee structure

Development Management Committee

Most planning applications are decided by the Council's area committees.  A small number are referred to the Development Management Committee, particularly where an area committee wishes to make a decision which would be a significant departure from planning policy or where there would be a significant risk of costs on an appeal against the decision.



  • Cllr. Musawar Arshad
  • Cllr. Tommy Cooney
  • Cllr. Linda Crossley
  • Cllr. Mick Goulthorp
  • Cllr. James Starkie
  • Cllr. Graham Waugh


  • Cllr Ken Turner


  • Cllr. Eileen Ansar
  • Cllr. Wayne Blackburn
  • Cllr. Yasser Iqbal (Group Spokesperson)
  • Cllr. Nadeem Younis


  • Cllr. Mohammed Iqbal

Liberal Democrat

  • Cllr. Ken Hartley (Chair)
  • Cllr. David Whipp