Council and Committee structure

Scrutiny Management Team

The Scrutiny Management Team of 11 members controls the Overview and Scrutiny function, deals with most "light touch" reviews and policy development work and oversees and monitors the reviews undertaken by the scrutiny panels.



  • Cllr. Nawaz Ahmed
  • Cllr. Sarah Cockburn-Price
  • Cllr. Nathan McCollum
  • Cllr. Noel McEvoy
  • Cllr. Steve Petty
  • Cllr. Ken Turner (Chair)


  • Vacancy
  • Cllr. Wayne Blackburn
  • Cllr. David Whalley
  • Cllr. Sheila Wicks

Liberal Democrat

  • Cllr. Dorothy Lord
  • Cllr. Brian Newman