Council and Committee structure

Political Composition

We have 49 Councillors as follows:

  • 23 Conservative
  • 15 Labour
  • 9 Liberal Democrats
  • 1 British National Party
  • 1 Independent

Currently we have a shared executive between Labour and the Liberal Democrats. 

Full Council

The full Council determines the main policies, sets the budget and exercises the following functions:

(a) adopting and changing the Constitution;

(b) approving or adopting the policy framework and the budget - the policy framework means:

  • the Community Strategy
  • the Crime and Disorder Reduction Strategy,
  • the Plans and Strategies which together comprise the Development Plan 
  • the Council's Strategic Plan
  • the Food Law Enforcement Service Plan
  • the Plan and Strategy which comprise the Housing Investment Programme
  • such other plans and strategies which we decide we should approve or adopt 

(c) decisions on executive functions covered by the policy framework or the budget where the Executive is minded to depart significantly from the policy framework or budget;

(d) appointing a Leader and members of the Executive;

(e) agreeing and/or amending the terms of reference for committees, deciding on their composition and making appointments to them;

(f) appointing representatives to outside bodies unless the appointment is an executive function or has been delegated by the Council;

(g) adopting a members' allowance scheme;

(h) considering issues of general interest to the community