Scrutiny Management Team and work programme

The Scrutiny Management Team of 12 members controls the Overview and Scrutiny function, deals with most light touch reviews and policy development work and oversees and monitors the reviews undertaken by the scrutiny panels.



  • Cllr. Nawaz Ahmed
  • Cllr. Sarah Cockburn-Price
  • Cllr. Nathan McCollum
  • Cllr. Noel McEvoy
  • Cllr. Steve Petty
  • Cllr. Ken Turner (Chair)


  • Vacancy
  • Cllr. Wayne Blackburn
  • Cllr. David Whalley
  • Cllr. Sheila Wicks

Liberal Democrat

  • Cllr. Dorothy Lord
  • Cllr. Brian Newman

Work programme for 2017/18

  • Regular monitoring of Executive Forward Plan
  • To involve in overview and scrutiny work the Executive Member(s) relevant to the remit of the Panel
  • To receive six-monthly reports from our co-optee on the County Council's Health Scrutiny Committee
  • To receive six-monthly reports from the Community Safety Partnership on the discharge by the responsible authorities of their crime and disorder functions
  • To receive an annual report from the thematic groups of the Local Strategic Partnership on the discharge of their functions
  • To receive an annual report on the performance of the Together Housing Group
  • Equality and Diversity - to receive half-yearly reports on the Equality Duty
  • To receive regular reports from our representative on the Police and Crime Panel
  • To consider Councillor Calls for Action and to deal with them appropriately
  • To monitor the Annual Work Programme and make recommendations for 2018/19
  • To prepare an annual report
  • Responses to consultation requested by the Executive/external partners
  • To monitor the Overview and Scrutiny Improvement Plan
  • To monitor the Pendle Health and Wellbeing Action Plan
  • To monitor Pendle's Older People's Plan

Reviews and Policy development as follows:

  • Highlighting the symptoms of sepsis
  • Lancashire and South Cumbria Sustainability and Transformation Plan/Pennine Local Delivery Plan - monitoring 
  • Adult social care - recommissioning of homecare services
  • Disabled Facilities Grants
  • Publicity around organ donation - light touch
  • Monitoring our paper usage - light touch
  • Council Tax enforcement agent fees and charges - light touch
  • Planned monitoring of reviews