Barrowford cemetery

Located off Colne Road, above Barrowford Park and near to Pendle Heritage Centre.


We offer vaults or walled graves within all our cemeteries, which are concrete or bricked chambers with space for two coffins. Again, the burial rights will last up to 99 years and the graves can be pre-purchased. We need at least 4 working days notice for a vault and 3 for a walled grave before the burial.

Memorial wall

Ashes in a suitable container are placed into a niche in the wall. A green slate plaque is placed onto the niche with your chosen inscription.

Ashes chambers

These are modern chambers just below ground which can hold up to 4 sets of ashes, making this an ideal family plot. Each chamber is covered with a black granite memorial stone with your chosen inscription.

Woodland cemetery

The Jo Belbin Memorial Woodland Cemetery provides burials for those who care about the environment and are happy with the idea that their resting place will be in a natural woodland. It is a natural alternative in which graves with their growing trees will create a woodland setting, allowing wildlife and natural plants to develop. Only bio-degradable coffins or caskets are allowed, for example, cotton, woollen, or cardboard. Ashes can be buried in a grave space using bio-degradable caskets, with a maximum of 6 caskets per grave space.

There is a recycled woodchip footpath, and no horticultural chemicals are used in this area.

The area has a wild flower meadow and carefully placed seating in a quiet area of contemplation.

One tree can be planted on a cluster of graves and relatives can make their choice of tree from a variety of native species. There are wooden marker posts along the footpath and a memorial tag for each tree.

Each grave is prepared for one burial only, but the adjoining grave can be reserved.

Trees are planted between November and March so they can become established. We provide the tree for planting, and relatives can arrange with us to plant the tree themselves. The cost of the tree is in addition to the burial fees.

The cemetery is multi-denominational, and the deceased of all faiths are buried together in the same woodland area. You do not have to follow traditional funeral arrangements. You might decide not to have any form of religious ceremony, and this wish will be respected.

Woodland cemetery restrictions

Only trees, shrubs and wild flowers are allowed as memorials. We don't allow marble or concrete memorials. Trees are a more natural and enduring tribute than traditional headstones. However, so that there is a lasting memory, all the names of the deceased are engraved in a large memorial stone, placed in the centre of the woodland.

If you want a further memorial, we would suggest the planting of other trees in the woodland, or the dedicating of a memorial bench.