Tree maintenance

We look after trees in the following areas:

  • Our 11 parks
  • Our 16 open and closed churchyards
  • Public open spaces
  • Memorial gardens
  • Our sport pitches including our 10 bowling greens

We do not maintain trees that are:

  • On private property
  • On private housing estate
  • On Housing Pendle property


We employ staff who are highly trained and experienced in the field of arboriculture.


All of our tree prunings, are recycled by ourselves and the recycled compost is then used throughout our parks.

Our aims

  • It is our aim to only cut down trees which are damaged, diseased or causing potential harm or damage to neighbouring properties or members of the public
  • We aim to replace each tree removed with a new tree at a suitable location.


If you discover a large tree that has fallen down, is looking unsafe or has been brought down due to extreme weather conditions please contact us on the following numbers:

During Office Hours (Monday to Friday 9.00am-5.00pm):

  • Parks - Kieron Roberts: 01282 661587
  • Highways - Lee Johnson: 01282 661729

Out of Hours  

  • Emergencies only: 0300 123 6780


We welcome feedback from the public with regard to all public trees in our Borough as this always helps us improve our service.

If you notice any problems or any areas where trees are preventing access/clear visibility, please do not hesitate to contact us.