Parks in Pendle

Alkincoats Park

Alkincoats Road, Colne BB8 9QQ

Alkincoats Park was first awarded a prestigious Green Flag in 2009, and has maintained it ever since. It is an open park with plenty of recreational space. The main attractions of the park are the four tennis courts, the bowling green, the bandstand, the children's play area, the picnic areas, and a Cafe. 

Play Facilities

There are two playgrounds, both of which are dog free areas:

  • Infant: suitable for 3 to 5 year olds
  • Junior: suitable for 5 to 4 year olds

The playground has facilities for disabled users.

Sports Facilities

The park has a bowling green and four tennis courts which can be used free of charge.

Picnic Areas

New seating areas have been installed in coordination with the Friends Group to take advantage of the tranquil atmosphere of the park.


Green's Cafe is open in summer and winter at the Pavilion.

Summer opening times: Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday 10am to 7pm

Winter opening times: Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday 10am to 4pm


The open air bandstand at Alkincoats was constructed in 1922 and consisted of a round flat area, the centre of which was walled off by a small wall to create an area for bands to play in.

In October 2005, it was agreed by members of Colne and District Committee that it was necessary to restore the bandstand area. We paid for improvements to be made and in July 2006 the work started. The bandstand was completed in April 2007.

Disabled Facilities

The playground has facilities for disabled users.

Many of the footpaths are suitable for people with low mobility.

Disabled car parking bays are also available at the Alkincoats Road entrance.

Friends Group

Alkincoats Park has a very active Friends Group who works alongside us maintaining the high standard of the park and help organise events and activities within the park itself.

Car Parking

Spaces are available at the Alkincoats Road entrance to the park, including disabled spaces.

Racks are available to park bicycles.

Directions to the park

Alkincoats Park Management Plan

Further information

Parks Public Spaces Protection Orders

There are Public Spaces Protection Orders in some of our parks, to help keep them safe and clean.

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