Absent voters

Voting by proxy

Any elector can choose to vote by proxy for just one election, but you must have a valid reason, for example you will be on holiday and unable to return in time to vote.

You can only apply for a long-term proxy vote if you have a specific reason such as a disability or you are living overseas.  However, if you are suddenly incapacitated or taken ill on election day, you can apply to vote by proxy for medical reasons up until 5pm that day. 

Proxy vote deadline

You have to have applied for your proxy vote for the General Election by 5pm on Wednesday 4 December. 

It's very simple to vote as someone's proxy. You will be sent a special proxy poll card with details of where you should go to vote. If you can't attend the polling station you can vote by post. If you are going to the polling station, just tell the staff there that you are voting as a proxy and they will tell you what to do. Don't forget to take your proxy poll card - this will make it easier for polling station staff to find the right ballot paper.

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