Voter registration

Credit reference agencies and the electoral register

Credit reference agencies can buy copies of the Full Register of Electors. The information is marked to show who has opted out of the Edited Register, and who is happy to have their details passed on to a third party.

The agencies use this information if you are applying for credit or to confirm your name and address when you want to open a bank account.

However they do not directly access the information held on our register of electors. They purchase the data and update their own systems. It can, therefore, take them some time to update their records. If you have had a credit application rejected because a credit reference agency says that you are not on the electoral register, then take the following action:

  • Contact to see if you are on the current Electoral Register
  • If you are, contact the appropriate Credit Reference Agency

If you are not registered:

These are the credit reference agencies who currently buy a copy of the Full Register of Electors for Pendle: