Voter registration

Service personnel, students and the homeless

Registering to vote

Armed forces

If you are a member of the armed forces or the spouse or civil partner of a service person you can either:

If you register using a service declaration, you need to re-register no later than 2 months before your registration lapses.

Crown servants and British Council

If you are a Crown Servant or an employee of the British Council you can apply to be registered in the same way although your registration either way is only valid for 12 months. Your department will make forms available to you should you wish to do this.


If you are a student, you can register at your term time address and at your home address. We recommend that you remain registered at your home address. You should remember though, that it is an offence to vote twice in the same elections.

Mental health patients, homeless and prisoners on remand

If you are absent from your normal residence indefinitely and for a long term, or you do not have a home, you still have the right to be registered to vote. This is called a declaration of local connection.

We can give you the right application forms and you can make a declaration of local connection any time throughout the year. If your application is accepted, you will be registered for 12 months from the date the entry on the register first takes effect.

In very exceptional circumstances, you may be able to register anonymously because your personal circumstances or work would place you at risk if your name appeared on the Register of Electors, which is a public document.

Your application will have to be accompanied by an attestation signed by a Police Officer of or above the rank of Superintendent, or Director of Social Services or it will need to be accompanied by a specific court document.

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