Election results - Borough Council

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This page is for Borough Council results only. Police and Crime Commissioner election results are here.

The new party composition of Pendle Council is
Conservatives: 21 (Hold 6,Gain 3,Lost 1)
Labour: 17 (Hold 4,Gain 1, Lost 2)
Liberal Democrat: 10 (Hold 4, Gain 0, Lost 1)
British National Party: 1 (Hold 0, Gain 0, Lost 0)

Previous composition of Pendle Council 2015/16 was 18 Conservatives, 18 Labour, 10 Liberal Democrats and 1 British National Party.

For individual ward details  please see below. 

Borough Council Election Results 2016

Barrowford Ward

BARNETT, Ian Royston The Green Party 122
NIKE, Sue Labour Party 517
OLIVER, Robert Andrew Labour Party 370
TURNER, Ken The Conservative Party Candidate 880 (elected)
WADDINGTON, Mick UK Independence Party (UKIP) 266
WAKEFORD, Christian The Conservative Party Candidate 815 (elected)

Voter turnout: 42.88%
Spoiled ballot papers: 3

Boulsworth Ward

FOXLEY, Margaret Sarah The Conservative Party Candidate 865 (Elected)
GREAVES, Heather Ann Liberal Democrat 323
JOHNS, David Philip Labour Party 254

Voter turnout: 35.2%
Spoiled ballot papers: 8

Bradley Ward

ASLAM, Mohammad The Conservative Party Candidate 932
SAKIB, Mohammad Labour Party 1057 (elected)
THOMAS, Howard Philip Liberal Democrat 256

Voter turnout: 51.64%
Spoiled ballot papers: 20

Brierfield Ward

ASHRAF, Naeem Hussain Labour Party 1141 (Elected)
WILKINSON, Keith The Conservative Party Candidate 511

Voter turnout: 46.19%
Spoiled ballot papers: 16

Clover Hill Ward

ANSAR, Eileen Labour Party 800 (elected)
TAYLOR, Janice The Conservative Party Candidate 407

Voter turnout: 34.83%
Spoiled ballot papers: 30

Coates Ward

ADAMS, Marjorie Liberal Democrat 680 (elected)
PURCELL, Harry The Conservative Party Candidate 547
ULLAH, Ghulam Abbas Labour Party 70
WOOD, Jane Veronica Bailes The Green Party 95

Voter turnout: 33.91%
Spoiled ballot papers 4

Craven Ward

HARTLEY, Ken Liberal Democrat 590 (Elected)
LANCASTER, Anthony James Liberal Democrat 498
LANGTREE, Valerie The Conservative Party Candidate 451
OLIVER, Richard Michael UK Independence Party (UKIP) 190
PORTER, Mark Labour Party 187
PURCELL, Jenny The Conservative Party Candidate 608 (elected)

Voter turnout: 35.31%
Spoiled ballot papers: 2

Earby Ward

CARROLL, Rosemary Elizabeth The Conservative Party Candidate 886 (elected)
LYONS, Ian James Liberal Democrat 525
TENNANT, Russell Labour Party 291

Voter turnout: 36.79%
Spoiled ballot papers: 18

Horsfield Ward

PETTY, Steve The Conservative Party Candidate 553 (elected)
WHITEHEAD, Louise Antoinette Liberal Democrat 235
WRIGLEY, Ann Marie Labour and Co-operative Party 357

Voter turnout: 31.04%
Spoiled ballot papers: 11

Marsden Ward

COONEY, Tommy The Conservative Party Candidate 473 (Elected)
RICHARDSON, John Barry Labour Party 292
ROWE, John British National Party 437

Voter turnout: 48.17%
Spoiled ballot papers: 7

Reedley Ward

ARSHAD, Musawar Raza The Conservative Party Candidate 1119 (Elected)
GRUNSELL, Jackie Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts 30
HANIF, Mohammad Labour Party 985
LOFTHOUSE, Nigel UK Independence Party (UKIP) 186
WOOD, James Liberal Democrat 147

Voter turnout: 57.98%
Spoiled ballot papers: 14

Southfield Ward

SAFIR, Saanval The Conservative Party Candidate 667
WICKS, Sheila Labour and Co-operative Party 817 (Elected)

Voter turnout: 39.27%
Spoiled ballot papers: 23

Vivary Bridge Ward

CLEGG, Glennda Louise Liberal Democrat 441
MCCOLLUM, Nathan Thomas The Conservative Party Candidate 484 (elected)
TWEEDIE, Ian William Labour Party 390

Voter turnout: 31.72%
Spoiled ballot papers: 12

Walverden Ward

ADAM, George Labour Party 772 (elected)
AZIZ, Abdul The Conservative Party Candidate 378

Voter turnout: 44.18%
Spoiled ballot papers: 7

Waterside Ward

GRAHAM, Ian Labour Party 317
GREAVES, Anthony Robert Liberal Democrat 456(elected)
PENNEY, David Richard John Green Party Stop Fracking Now 70
SUTCLIFFE, Ash The Conservative Party Candidate 423

Voter turnout: 34.85%
Spoiled ballot papers: 12

Whitefield Ward

AHMED, Nadeem Liberal Democrat 1237 (elected)
BARRETT, Adrian Robert Labour Party 245
MCNAMARA, Jess The Conservative Party Candidate 45

Voter turnout: 59.36%
Spoiled ballot papers: 8